Cleveland Utilities Grid Modernization/Broadband Project Update September 7, 2023

Cleveland Utilities (CU) is excited to announce it has begun the engineering portion for CU’s Grid Modernization and Broadband Project for its electric customers. CU has selected FiberRise-Entrust of Huntsville, AL, to engineer and manage construction of the fiber optic system as part of the project.  

Beginning Monday, September 11, customers will begin seeing the FiberRise-Entrust team performing various tasks in the field for the fiber route engineering portion. Additionally, this phase of the project may require physically visiting each pole owned by CU in its electric service footprint. FiberRise-Entrust may also need to access properties at an electric customer’s residence/business to verify best routes for designing fiber to reach a home/business based on how power is currently provided to the location. All activity will occur outside of the home/business and will be very typical to CU’s meter/equipment inspection activities.  

FiberRise-Entrust employees/contractors will have an identification letter and Cleveland Utilities logos on their vehicles. Again, FiberRise-Entrust is an authorized consultant working on behalf of CU.

Additionally, in the very near future Cleveland Utilities will be launching a new portion of its website where customers are able to track the progress of this project so that they are able to determine when broadband services will be available in their area. This new section of the website will also allow customers the opportunity to register for updates and announcements as pre-sign up for services as they become available.

Should you have any questions, please contact Cleveland Utilities 24/7 Call Center at (423) 472-4521.