Project Round Up

What is Project Round Up?
Project Round Up is an assistance program that uses funds to help those less fortunate in our community. Customers' monthly utility bills are rounded up to the next highest dollar. All Project Round-Up donations are routed to a third party through the United Way of Bradley County. This program is designed to assist area families facing difficulty paying their utility bills, as well as meeting housing and medical expenses, among other related needs. Many Cleveland/Bradley County residents face economic hardships. The money raised through the Project Round Up Program will have a positive impact on those residents and our community.

How does it affect my bill?

Customer's bills are rounded up to the next whole dollar amount. For example, if a customer's utility bill is $25.55, Cleveland Utilities would "round up" the amount to $26.00. The added 45 cents collected goes to the Project Round Up program.

Does the bill round up even if the cents amount is less than 50?
Yes. A $25.01 bill and a $25.99 both round up to $26.00.

Do I have a choice in participating?
Yes, Project Round Up is a voluntary program. If you do not wish to participate, please contact Cleveland Utilities at (423) 472-4521 and we will remove you from the program.

What if I decide later that I would rather not participate?
You can choose to exclude yourself at any time by contacting Cleveland Utilities at (423) 472-4521.

Why do I have to choose not to participate? Why is this not voluntary from the start?
Cleveland Utilities Board of Directors chose to make Project Round Up an "opt-out" program. We feel that a majority of our customers will stay in the program.

Will this affect every customer's utility bill, even industrial and commercial?
Yes. Participation in Project Round Up is available for each customer.

How much money will be raised?
The Project Round Up has the potential for raising about $100,000 per year with only 50 percent participation. In most cases, because customers' bills would be rounded up only 12 times each year, their total individual commitment to the program would probably be about $6 per year.

How does one learn about applying for these funds?
Contact Ocoee Connect at (423) 800-8008 or via email at

Are Project Round-Up Program contributions tax-deductible?