Billing & Rate Information

How your Billing Cycle Works
The following is an explanation of the Cleveland Utilities billing cycle.

A CU customer’s meter was read on June 10. This covered a billing period of approximately 30 days prior to June 10 for service used during that time.

The customer’s bill was mailed on June 20. The past-due date for payment was July 8. If payment is received after this date, the penalty will be applied to the account. Since July 8 falls on Friday, the customer may pay the bill in the office or at any of CU’s collection agencies until closing time on that date. 

On July 11 a second notice will be mailed. This reminder notifies the customer that disconnection is scheduled for July 21 if payment is not received.

At this point, the customer’s meter will have been read again—probably around July 10—for the next billing cycle. This bill will have been mailed or will be mailed by the disconnection date for the previous month’s billing period. Thus, when a CU customer is disconnected for nonpayment, that customer actually owes two months’ bills for service used during the two previous months.

The timeline below summarizes this process.


Payment Assistance & Arrangements
Cleveland Utilities requires all bills to be paid by no later than 10 days after the past due date. Failure to do so will result in the disconnection of service unless satisfactory arrangements have been made with the Cleveland Utilities Call Center.

These arrangements are made according to individual need, the amount and past due date of the bill, and available outside assistance. Outside assistance is granted through various civic and government agencies. These agencies include the Bradley County Chapter of the American Red Cross, United Way of Bradley County, and Bradley/Cleveland Community Services.

A program through which all customers of Cleveland Utilities may assist others in need is Project Help. Through this program, customers may stipulate an amount to be billed monthly on their utility bill. The money collected is transferred to United Way of Bradley County which screens applicants to determine need and distributes funds according to those findings.                                               

Deposit Information
The deposit may be waived if the customer has a satisfactory credit inquiry. If a co-signer signs for service, the co-signer must have a satisfactory credit inquiry for the deposit to be waived. The credit inquiry is performed by a third-party vendor.  The customer must be an active CU customer.

Deposits for commercial services vary and are set for each location by the Collection Department. These deposits are based on three factors:

  1. Past Usage history for the location.
  2. Estimated usage for the business to be located there.
  3. Past pay history of the business and responsible parties.

Click here to view Deposit Policy.

Rate Schedules
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Other Billing Services offered by Cleveland Utilities 

Bank Draft - This service offers automatic bill payment through the customer's bank. Applications may be made in the CU office. The customer still receives a bill that will be paid by the bank. Click Here to download the application.

Bill Payment through Agents Other than CU - Customers not wishing to mail their payments or bring them into the CU office may pay at other locations throughout the community. To see a list of payment locations click here. Payments may also be made online.

Levelized - Levelized billing eliminates seasonal high and low bills and equalizes the monthly payments. Click here to download the application.

Heat Pump Loans - CU offers heat pump financing to encourage the installation of energy-efficient heat pumps. A customer may enjoy heat in winter, cooling in summer, and safe efficiency all year. There is no down payment, ten years to pay, and a free on-site inspection to ensure correct installation of the unit. Contact us for information.

Project Help - Project Help is designed to aid the handicapped, elderly, and less privileged meet their energy needs. CU offers its customers the opportunity of a tax-deductible contribution added to their monthly bill. One hundred percent of all funds collected are distributed by the United Way to those in need. 

Project Round-Up - Project Round-Up is an assistance program that uses funds to help those less fortunate in our community. Click Here for information.