About CU


The City of Cleveland, Board of Mayor and Commissioners, acquired the properties of the Tennessee Electric Power Company on August 16, 1939, and on this date established Cleveland Electric System. 

Cleveland Water Works began its operation in 1895 under the direction of Commissioners of the Cleveland Water System. In 1959, the Board of Mayor and Commissioners instructed the Cleveland Water System to be under the direction of the Board of Mayor and Commissioners. 

In March of 1976, the Board of Mayor and Commissioners, after years of research, directed the Cleveland Water System and Cleveland Electric System to merge operations. The new organization adopted the name of Cleveland Utilities. A Board of Public Utilities for the City of Cleveland was established in 1981. The Board consists of five members. The Board of Public Utilities meets on the fourth Friday of each month in the Tom Wheeler Training Center beginning at 12:30 p.m. Meeting locations including dates and times are subject to change, please call (423) 472-4521 extension 330 for confirmation. 

Cleveland Utilities now serves approximately 33,300 electric customers, 33,750 water customers, and 20,450 sewer customers in the City of Cleveland and a large portion of Bradley County.

Public Power
The electric division of Cleveland Utilities is responsible and dedicated to providing the citizens of Cleveland and Bradley County with a source of reliable and readily available electric energy. This is a responsibility that requires a staff possessing a high degree of technical ability to meet current needs, as well as building the system to meet the needs of future generations. As one of Tennessee Valley Authority's 153 electric distributors, Cleveland Utilities purchases power from TVA at 161,000 volts at two delivery point substations: East Cleveland and South Cleveland Substations. This power is transmitted through a network of sub-transmission lines, distribution stations, and distribution feeders until it is delivered to each of our approximately 33,300 customers. The safety and reliability of the energy delivered is a primary goal and responsibility of the electric division.

Water and Wastewater
The water and wastewater divisions of Cleveland Utilities are responsible for and dedicated to providing water and sewer services for the City of Cleveland and a large portion of Bradley County. Source water from the Hiwassee River and Waterville Springs is processed at two water treatment plants. The water is clarified, disinfected, and then pumped through pipelines directly to the customer or to storage tanks. Wastewater is collected from the City of Cleveland at the wastewater treatment facility located on the Hiwassee River. It is then treated and discharged into the Hiwassee River downstream from its original withdrawal point. An intensive sampling and analytical testing program is utilized to ensure that the quality of the drinking water and the wastewater discharge meets stringent state and federal standards.

Mission Statement
The mission of Cleveland Utilities is to provide our customers with excellent and reliable water, wastewater, electric, and supporting services through innovative business practices, a process of continual improvement, and a demonstrated commitment to our community and Core Principles.

Vision Statement
Cleveland Utilities aspires to be an organization of the highest quality collaboratively and responsibly to meet the evolving utility needs of our community into the foreseeable future.

Core Principles

  • Community: We value all people - our customers, our employees, their families, and the community in which we live, work, and serve. 
  • Continual Improvement: We value the process of continual improvement and its role in shaping our organization to meet the future needs of our customers. 
  • Ethical Standards: We value personal and organizational honesty and integrity and believe these traits are essential components of the utility business environment. 
  • Excellence: We value excellence and encourage our employees to strive for their personal and professional best. 
  • Inclusiveness: We value inclusiveness and respect for one another. We believe teamwork and collaboration are critical and each employee is vital to accomplishing our mission. 
  • Innovation: We value and embrace innovative business practices as we strive to remain at the forefront of service excellence. 

  • Reliability: We value our commitment to providing the reliable and essential utility services our community has come to expect and deserve. 
  • Responsibility: We value responsibility and believe we are each accountable for our personal and professional actions. Collectively, we are responsible for making our utility a top-quality organization.
  • Safety: We value the importance of safety and a safe work culture. Safety will always be among our highest priorities for both our employees and the general public. 
  • Stewardship: We value stewardship and fiscal transparency. We are accountable for the efficient and effective use of the resources to which we have been entrusted.