Cleveland Utilities Receives TVA EnergyRight Award

TVA Communicator of the Year Award-2

Cleveland Utilities received special recognition from the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) for helping the agency exceed energy efficiency, renewable and demand response goals for the 13th straight year through the EnergyRight program.    

“Cleveland Utilities provides the staffing, promotion and resources to ensure that customers are aware of and can participate in energy efficiency measures to save on electric bills,” said Cindy Herron, vice president of TVA EnergyRight. We are very proud of this great accomplishment and are very excited about what lies ahead in this rapidly changing energy marketplace.”

Cleveland Utilities and TVA will continue to work together to meet the challenges that lie ahead and promote the right energy choices to make our Valley a better place to live, work, play and raise happy families. 

Cleveland Utilities was a top performer in TVA’s first Communicator of the Year Award. This award honors the Local Power Company who has shown great success and enthusiasm in communicating the value of TVA EnergyRight programs and services to the Valley through one or more communication channels.  These could include advertising, social media, public relations, community awareness and/or public events.

Cleveland Utilities is truly honored to receive the Communicator of the Year Award. CU President/CEO Henderson said, “Cleveland Utilities is very appreciative of the partnership with TVA and the opportunity to collaborate together in the social media realm.  This pilot project allowed CU to establish a social media presence on Facebook / Instagram and build CU’s reputation as the trusted energy advisor and bring awareness to the EnergyRight brand.  It was a mutually beneficial project for both entities.