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Approval Stamps            
This data is property of Cleveland Utilities Water Division and may not be copied or distributed without written permission from the utility company.  (c) Copyright 2020 - Cleveland Utilities.  All rights reserved.  
Approval stamps and the acceptance stamp will need to be added to the front bottom right of the plan(s) being submitted to Cleveland Utilities for approval.  When adding the approval stamps and the acceptance stamp to your plans, please scale them to the proper font size.  The decision of how to scale the stamps will depend on the scale of your plans.
For example, if you are attaching the stamps to a plan that is 1"=100' scale, then scale the stamps 100X.  For more plan scaling factors, see the chart below.  Following this procedure will keep the stamps consistent with all plans.  If you have any questions or need assistance, please call (423) 478-9393.  Thank you for your cooperation.

          NOTE:  Scale the entire stamp at once, not each line individually.  This will maintain proper spacing.
If you Plan Scale Is: Then Scale The Stamp:
1"=20' 20X
1"=40' 40X
1"=50' 50X
1"=100' 100X
1"=200' 200X
1"=400' 400X
1"=500' 500X
1=1000' 1000X

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