Civil Penalties


Civil Penalty Schedule

For Industrial User Noncompliance

Cleveland/Bradley County TN


Noncompliance Nature Of Violation Civil Penalty Amount
1. Unpermitted Discharge IU unaware of requirements and harm to POTW environment $100-$1,000
  IU has not submitted application within 30 days of date in NOV $100/day
2. Exceedance of Local or Federal Discharge Limit Exceedance of any daily or average parameter limits by a factor of 3.0 or more. (except pH) $100-$500/day
  Chronic or TRC violation (except pH) $100-$1,000
  Exceedance of any daily or average parameter limits by a factor of 10 or more. No harm to POTW/environment. (except pH) $500-$1,000/day
  Exceedance of pH limitations for 30 consecutive minutes or more. No harm to POTW/environment $100-$500/violation
  Chronic pH violation $100-$1000/day
  Exceedance of any daily or average parameter limits that adversely affects the POTW. $1000-$10,000/day
3. Reporting Violations Report is late 45 calendar days or more. $100/day
  Report is late 60 calendar days or more. $100-$500/day
  Failure to report spill or changed discharge. Harm to POTW/environment. $500-$1,000/incident
4. Failure to Monitor Correctly Recurring failure to monitor correctly (third occurrence) $500-$1,000/incident
5. Improper Sampling Continued improper sampling after informal meeting. (Third occurrence) $500-$1,000/incident
6. Failure to Install Sampling Equipment Noncompliance with NOV (delay of more than 30 calendar days). $100-$500/day
7. Compliance Schedules Missed interim deadlines by fewer than 30 and will affect final deadline (without good Cause). $100-$500/day
8. Missed Final Compliance Deadline. Failure to comply with administrative order. $500-$1,000/day
9. Illegal Discharge Discharge causes harm, pass-through or interference. $1000-$10,000/day
10. Inadequate Record Keeping Recurring $500-1,000/incident
11. Failure to Report Additional Monitoring Recurring $500-$1,000/incident