Flashing Yellow Arrow Information

The flashing yellow arrow signal is a protected/permissive signal that can replace a 5-section head (doghouse) (image right) or a protected only head if an engineering study determines that the permissive period is safe during certain times of day. The flashing yellow arrow is considered safer because it is a better indication for drivers to yield to opposing traffic. It also eliminates the yellow trap condition in a lead/lag signal. The flashing yellow arrow occurs during the same time that the green ball would occur on a 5-section head.





A 3-section Flashing Yellow Arrow is made by combining the two yellow indications into one section of the signal. This is called a bimodal yellow (image left). Cleveland Utilities will be using 3-section flashing yellow arrows on all future projects that require a protected/permissive signal that have not already been designed. The existing 5-section signals will be changed out to 3-section flashing yellow arrows as necessary.


A "Left Turn Yield on Flashing Yellow Arrow" sign will be installed adjacent to each Flashing Yellow Arrow signal. (image right)

Please see the videos below for examples of the new signals.



Flashing Yellow Arrow Signal
Flashing Yellow Arrow Signal Example