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New Federal Guidelines for Utilities

In November 2008, Cleveland Utilities (CU) adopted its procedures to comply with the federal government's FACT (Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions) Act, sometimes known as the "Red Flag" rule. The Red Flag rule requires CU to take additional steps to protect customers from identity theft.

You may still sign up for service by internet, phone or in person. However, two current forms of identification are required.

--One must be U.S. government issued (or a political subdivision thereof)
--One must include a photograph

Acceptable forms of ID include a current/valid driver's license social security card, passport, and birth certificate.

A credit check is performed. CU will run the identity and credit checks through a major reporting agency (CRA).

If a problem is indicated by the CRA, utility service(s) will be delayed until further proof of identity can be established. you may be asked to come in person to CU offices in order to establish service.

CU values your relationship and pledges to do all we can to protect your personal information. For more information about this rule, visit

Cleveland Utilities requires a Personal Identification Number (PIN) as an authenticator and extra security layer to protect your personal information. As of May 1, 2009 all questions related to your utility account via telephone, email, or through our website will require a security PIN. This requirement is part of a new Cleveland Utilities Identity Theft Prevention Program approved and implemented by the utility Board of Directors as of November 1, 2008. For questions about this program, please call (423) 472-4521 - Extension 676 or contact our I.T. Department online [click here]

To submit a new Security Question/Answer to Cleveland Utilities [Click Here]

User Instructions:

If you forget your PIN number or would like to change it, we will require that you submit a new number online by validating your information. To re-submit or change your PIN number [Click Here]

--Choose a 4-digit PIN that is memorable, but not easy to guess by someone else.

Tips for keeping your security question and answer secure:

--Never tell anyone this information and don't write it down.
--Never send this information by email.
--Periodically submit a different PIN.

For your security, please make sure that the answer to your PIN is:

--Something only you know.
--Not likely to change over time.
--4 characters long.
--Not associated with your password or username in any way.
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