Beware of Potential Scams

Cleveland Utilities would like to remind our customers to beware of potential scams that could be occurring in our area. These scams could present themselves through a variety of methods including over the telephone and even door-to-door.

In the past, these scams have typically centered around a person or persons posing as Cleveland Utilities employees and asking for immediate payment to avoid disconnection of services. These scams typically ask the customer to purchase a reloadable gift card to make the payment. Cleveland Utilities does not contact customers asking them to make immediate payments over the phone or by using reloadable gift cards. Cleveland Utilities also does not solicit donations from our customers to fund infrastructure.

You should also be aware of people impersonating Cleveland Utilities contractors who may come to your door and ask for money or information. All Cleveland Utilities employees and contractors are required to carry identification showing that they work for Cleveland Utilities. Further, Cleveland Utilities employees and contractors will not come to your door asking for money.

We encourage our customers to think smart. If you have any reason to be suspicious of someone claiming to be a Cleveland Utilities employee, please contact us. If you are approached by someone impersonating a Cleveland Utilities employee who cannot produce proper identification or are contacted by someone claiming to be a representative of Cleveland Utilities asking for money or account information, please report these fraudulent activities to Cleveland Utilities by contacting us at 423-472-4521.
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